The Address of the Nanputuo Temple, the Buddhist College of Minnan (including Taixu Library) and the Nanputuo Charitable Foundation of Xiamen

address:No. 515, Si Ming South Road, Xiamen

Pos code:361005

Bus Route: Bus No.45, 87, 17, 1, 18, 29 and 47 (arriving Xiamen University Station)

Contact Phone Number of Departments of the Nanputuo Temple

Nanputuo Temple

Office of Temple Affairs: 0592-2086586

Guest Reception: 0592-2087282

Stra Depository: 0592-2087484

Finance Department: 0592-2099533

Bodhi Guest House: 0592-2521981

Secretary Office: 0592-2195477

Department of Buddhist Promotion: 0592-2086627

Information Transfer Room: 0592-2085505

Puzhao Hall (Vegetarian Restaurant): 0592-2085908

Buddhist Circulation Shop (Office): 0592-2190256

Buddhist Enterprise: 0592-2094147

Security Office: 0592-2099560

Buddhist College of Minnan

Rector's Office: 0592-2096311

Office of General Affairs: 0592-2099819

Office of Teaching Affairs: 0592-2095800

Office of Student Affairs: 0592-2093956

Editorial Board: 0592-2096881

Taixu Library: 0592-2096484

Computer Room: 0592-2097919

Website: 0592-5855113

The Nuns Division of the Buddhist College of Minnan

Office of General Affairs: 0592-5853723

Office of Student Affairs: 0592-5855391

Guest Reception: 0592-5853483

Resident Hall: 0592-5854564

The Nanputuo Charitable Foundation of Xiamen

President Office: 0592-2093689

Official Fax: 0592-2096633

Office of General Affairs: 0592-2096209

Propaganda Office: 0592-2097113

Information Transfer Room: 0592-2096347

Charitable Department (Office): 0592-2092832,2574915

Free Clinic: 0592-2098177

Buddhist Circulation Shop (Office): 0592-2092956

Finance Department: 0592-2574913

The Ichnography and Layout of the Nanputuo Temple

The Address of the Zizhulin Temple and the Nuns Division of the Buddhist College of Minnan

Address:No.1, Jinbang South Road, Xiamen City

Post code:361010