Report and Complain

If you find any action or issue in this website related to the following deeds, please report to us. For the content of website message, personal request, praying, worshipping, learning Buddhism online, below issues are not allowed: 
(1)Leak privacy: the content are involved in any personal name, home address, ID number, job or position, private contact numbers and other private information; 
(2)Rumors, slander, serious assault to a person: the content consist of any direct abuse, insult, personal slander etc.; 
(3)Blackmail payment request for deleting online notes: the content consist of any information that publishers leave QQ, email to contact or take the initiative to contact the online person for deleting negative message in order to make money;
(4)The content of the news manuscript: the news consist of any negative information content such as enterprises and individual scandal or tort;
(5)Illegal information;
(a)Spam advertisement: any promotion of the spam or prohibited information; 
(b)Pornography: any video, photos or text related to pornography; 
(c)Political reactionary: any content related to violation of national laws or regulations;
(d)Traps or scams: any content consists of Trojan virus, trapping or fraud information; 
(e)Terroristic media.